$20,000 bulletproof business suit looks sharp, stops .45-caliber rounds


11/12/13 | by 

One Toronto based tailor shop specializes in bulletproof business suits that can stop .45-caliber rounds,City News reports.

At $20,000 a suit, they don’t come cheap. But if you’re an overseas businessman or woman that deals in oil or diamonds or a super secret agent, the added protection may just be worth the money.

Garrison Bespoke developed his armored suits using technology originally created for the U.S. military in Iraq. By layering sheets of carbon nanotubes underneath sharp looking business attire, this tailor’s suits don’t just turn heads, they stop bullets.


Each suit is custom made and costs around $20,000.

According to Bespoke’s website, he wants to give his unique clients an added layer of protection to make whatever dangerous occupation they take part in a little bit safer.

“We wanted to create a lightweight garment that not only looks professional, but can also act as a reliable body armor. The idea was to create a stylish and discreet alternative to wearing a bulky bulletproof vest underneath a suit. This way, our clients wouldn’t have to worry about looking awkward during meetings, and they can travel to work feeling comfortable, safe and confident.”

The nanotubes used in the suits’ construction is 50 percent lighter than Kevlar and is rated to stop up to .45-caliber rounds at close range.

If you’re looking for even more added protection, you can pick up a bullet-proof dress shirt from Miguel Caballero for around $4,000.

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